HOW TO: Make Your Lashes Last Longer

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1. Brush and clean them at least once a day

Its important to brush them and clean them to remove debris and it also helps to keep them from crossing or tangling. When cleansing use a lint-free cotton and oil-free makeup remover that is formulated for eyelash extensions. Whether you’re brushing or cleansing your eyelash extensions, use a downward stroke from base of your lash line to the tip of your lashes.

2. Be Gentle

This is a big one! Make sure to treat your eye area extra careful so no rubbing, picking or pulling. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes with your fingers all together if you can. Not being careful with your lash extensions can pull at your natural lash hairs and cause loosening of the bonds in the adhesive.



3. Sleep on your back

Stomach sleepers, I’ve got some bad news… sleeping with your face pushed into your pillow can cause your extensions to fall out rapidly. Instead, try to sleep on your back, so your lashes can stay untouched while you snooze. At Lash and Beauty Lab we sell sleeping masks in store that are risen, 3D shaped around the lash area to help protect your lashes.




4. Use a coating product


A coating or sealing product used once or twice a week helps to protect the bond that holds a synthetic lash to your natural lash. Using this product will make your lash extensions last longer because of the protective barrier created between your lashes and oils, perspiration, dust and debris.

5. Don't use products not formulated for lash extensions

When it comes to most makeup, any kind is just fine for your lashes with a few exceptions. Eyeliner in a pot or applied with a brush tends to coat the lashes, causing them to fall our prematurely so we recommend using a eyeliner formulated specifically for lash extensions. Another product that is horrible for lashes is waterproof mascara. We carry a mascara in store that was developed for lash extensions.

6. Get a touchup every 2-4 weeks

No matter how careful you are with your eyelash extensions, you will naturally loose them over time due to your natural lash cycle and lifestyle. We recommend coming in every few weeks to fill your lash extensions. 

FAQ: our answers to your common lash extension questions

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What are lash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are individual strands of synthetic or mink fibers that are replicated to look like a natural lash. The extension is applied individually to each single strand of your natural lashes, one by one. When applied properly, lash extensions feel and look completely natural because of the accuracy and placement of each lash.

Are eyelash extensions safe?

Yes. When applied correctly eyelash extensions are completely safe. The procedure is pain free and the extensions are feather light, so they will not disturb your natural lashes. We also use a medical grade adhesive that is applied to your natural lash about 1mm to 2mm away from your eyelid and use only the needed amount to ensure multiple lashes aren’t stuck together. You can definitely find horror stories online about lash extensions but like many things, this is why it’s so important to go to a professional with a good reputation.

How long do lash extensions last?

It varies but with proper care lash extensions can last 4-6 weeks. Everyone has a different lash growth cycle and over time oils and your day-to-day routine will cause lashes to fall out. We recommend getting a touch up every 2-4 weeks to ensure that your lashes continue to look as full. If it’s a one time thing or you choose to no longer have them, they do look a bit uneven toward the end of their timeline.

Can I exercise, swim, shower or get a facial while wearing my eyelash extensions?

Of course! You can live life normally with lash extensions but we do ask that during the first 24 hours after they’re applied you keep them as dry as possible to ensure that the adhesive dries properly. However, oils break down the bond so avoiding those around the eye area is important. In addition, continual use of saunas or certain types of facials or hot yoga may shorten the longevity of your lash extensions. Clients that do this regularly usually choose to come in more frequently for a fill.

How often do I need a touch up?

Every 2-4 weeks is what we recommend but it truly depends on the person. Each person’s lifestyle and natural lash cycle are different which will determine how often a fill is needed to achieve a full lash look.

How long does the application take?

Your first visit will take 1-2 hours to ensure a full consultation but varies depending on the amount of lashes you’ve made your appointment for. Your lash fill appointments will be about an hour but may vary depending on which style of lashes you have. Volume lashes take more time.

Do I have to do anything to prepare for my first appointment?

No. Although it does help to have no eye makeup on when you arrive, we can always remove it before we begin. We do ask that you avoid any oil treatments around your eyes a few days prior to your appointment.

Can I wear makeup with my lash extensions?

Yes, definitely. As far as makeup you are free to use whatever you’re used to with a few exceptions. When it comes to anything that might touch the lash line like eyeliner, we suggest to products without oils that are formulated for eyelash extensions.  We carry several types of award winning eyeliners and a fabulous mascara that is created specifically for lash extensions which some people like for a night out or to help fluff their lashes when a fill is needed. 

What is the difference between Volume lashes and Classic lashes?

Classic lashes are when one synthetic lash is attached to one of your natural lashes for a 1:1 ratio. This look is very natural and comfortable and for many people achieves a dolled up or mascara look, adding length and thickness. Classic lashes come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Volume lashes involve taking 2 or more thinner and lighter lashes and applying it to one of your individual natural lashes. This style of eyelash extensions can create a more dramatic and full look. This method is great for people with very few natural lashes or have bald spots on their lash line. We also recommend this look for those of you used to wearing false lash strips.

Here in Portland, at Lash and Beauty Lab we also offer a Hybrid set which is a combination of both the Volume and Classic set of eyelash extensions. This look is for those who don’t want an extreme look but might need a little more volume than the Classic style offers.




The Experience: What Is It Like to Get Lash Extensions

Cheri working on a client

Cheri working on a client

Lashes, lashes, lashes, we all want them but how does getting lash extensions work? If you’re like me, you’d love to try before you buy…I cant give you that but I can walk you through the experience you’ll have at Lash and Beauty Lab.  This is for anyone considering getting eyelash extensions or even if you’re just curious about them.

For first timers at the beauty lab we ask you to come in a few minutes before your appointment so we can get all the boring stuff out the way. We have you sign a simple intake sheet where we ask a few questions about you and if/when you’ve had lashes before. We want to make sure you don’t have any allergies and give you information about how our pricing works for touch ups. Most places that do lash extensions in Portland, Oregon will require the same in some fashion. Once we have you signed in, your lash technical the fun begins.

One of our lovely ladies will greet you and bring you back to their lash room where a consultation will begin. This is where you want to tell your lash artist the look you’re hoping for. Do you want Cat eyes? Do you want a more modest mascara look? Would you prefer enjoy a fluffy feathery look or maybe you just want us to make your lashes more fabulous than Kim K’s… It’s really up to you! The best part is that you’re not committed to that look, on your next visit for a lash fill…we can always change it up.

Sometimes we have people ask us to make sure they look natural… if applied correctly your lashes should always present as natural, even if they’re an extreme difference. Lash and Beauty Lab really prides itself in making sure your eyelash extensions look natural and like an extension of your own lashes, pun intended.

After your consultation, you’ll lay down on an esthetician's bed where the process will begin. Your technician will assure that you’re comfortable and will begin to prepare your eye area. We cleanse the area, removing any make up or oils and will put a protective layer under your eye. 

For my first time, I remember being a little uncomfortable for a couple minutes because I wasn't used to having someone touch my eye area. I mean besides your Optometrist, who really gets up in there? Once you get used to that initial anxiety most people find it to be so relaxing they fall asleep while others say it’s their therapy session, we don’t mind…tell us all your goodies.

Your lash technician will examine your lashes and take in to consideration your desired look when they pick out which types of lashes to apply and where. You might have heard there are different lash curls, Js, Ls, Cs and D’s but choosing which one is right for you is part of your lash technician's job. They will decide what will achieve the look you want with your existing eyelashes.

Just like any part of your body, your lashes are unique. Some people have crossed hairs, blonde hairs, tons of lashes or not very many and it all depends on genetics, ethnicity and age. For some people a set of 50 lashes is a lot because they have little light hairs for lashes while others have naturally dark and thick hair so a set of 90 lashes in a long length might be necessary to achieve a noticeable difference. Most people will book a set of 50 or 70 to see what it looks like and then add more on your next visit if they desire a more dramatic look.

For your first time it will take about one hour to two hours depending on set of eyelash extensions you’re receiving, more lashes takes more time. Applying lash extensions is a very delicate and persist job. During the application we use a very small amount of medical grade adhesive similar to ones used in a dentist office, it’s completely safe to have close to your eyes and to breath in…so not to worry! The process involves placing one artificial lash to one of your existing lashes with a very small amount of adhesive, this is what makes them look and feel so natural.

Once she is done, your lash artist will reveal the new you which is the most exciting part for everyone. We get to see how much love them and you’re also able to let us know if theres something you don’t like, which is the rarity but we guarantee our work so you can rest easy. After checking them out, we’ll go over aftercare with you. This step is actually pretty important because with proper care, you’re lashes will last longer and we make sure to send you off with written instructions incase you forget.

Main things… no oils around the eyes and no excessive rubbing. We also show you all of our favorite aftercare products, no sales gimmicks but we do find that most cleansers, eyeliners and mascaras have some form of oils in them so we offer great alternative options. 

So you're lashed up and ready to go! You’ve joined the club of eyelash extension haver….Welcome! We’ll ask if you’d like to rebook but feel free to schedule online, we recommend coming in every 2-4 weeks to have them filled in.  Your first time getting them, takes a couple of days to get use to  since you have to be a little more delicate with your eye area than you might be used to…but we’ll teach you the best ways to handle them. 

Eyelash extensions are completely okay for the heath of your natural lashes. They are one with your natural lash so if applied properly, no harm is done. I’ve had mine consistently for several years and we have clients that have had them for a decade with no damage.

At the Beauty Lab we price our fills depending on the week you come in but we will always fill your lashes to the original look unless you’d prefer something different. Once you’ve paid for a set of 70 lashes, you’ll always receive that. A lot of places who do eyelash extensions in Portland, Oregon will ask you what intervals of time you’d like…a half an hour or a full hour fill your lashes but we don’t do it like that. It’s important to us to make sure no matter who you see, you’re guaranteed a complete and full look. Every technician goes at a different speed so we feel its more fair to you, ensuring you have consistency with each visit. Here at Lash and Beauty Lab we keep detailed notes on each one of our clients to ensure that whomever you see will create the look you loved. Want to try something different? Just let us know! We want to make sure you’re happy and your lashes are fabulous, thats our mission.

After your visit, we’re available for any questions or concerns…don’t hesitate! Lashes are exciting for any event but also perfect for a day to day look. Whether you’re a new Mother who doesn't have time for make up or glam queen that is sick of wearing strip lashes, whoever you are…lashes are addictive and sometimes life changing and in opinion, SO worth it.