Say goodbye once
and for all
to mascara, the curler and strip lashes…

Lash & Beauty Lab carries the largest selection of individual semi-permanent lashes. We offer a range of eyelash extensions for you to choose from in a variety of materials, including Silk, Faux Mink, Siberian Mink and Human Hair. We also offer variations in thickness, length, curl and color for a truly unique, customized look.

How it works...


Not sure what look you’re after? We’re here to help you decide!

 Lash Sets

beauty lab 50
50 Lashes per eye

Ideal for those new to lash extensions who seek added definition, length and thickness.


Beauty Lab 70
70 Lashes per eye

Our most popular set will enhance your
lash line with the thickness you desire to create a look that is stunning, yet effortless.


Beauty Lab 90
90 lashes per eye

Perfect for special occasions or for those who long for dramatic look at me, eye-popping lashes.


beauty lab volume

Very thin, lightweight lashes are affixed to the base of each existing lash using a hypoallergenic, medical-grade adhesive. Two to six extensions are added to each lash for a full, airy, gossamer-soft look. Ideal for those with sparse lashes, bald spots or those seeking major volume.


Classic Lash Fills

1-week fill

7 – 10 days
from previous appointment


2-week fill

11 – 17 days
from previous


3-week fill

18 – 24 days
from previous appointment


4-week fill

25 – 31 days
from previous


5-week fill

32-38 days
from previous


volume fill 1-4 weeks

7 - 24 days from previous appointment


volume fill 4-5 weeks

25-38 days from previous appointment


additional lash options

Lash lift

Create the illusion of longer-looking lashes with this nourishing, conditioning lash-extension alternative. Natural lashes are lifted at the root to create a slight curl and tinted using a vegetable-based dye. Suitable for short or long lashes. Results typically last 5-6 weeks. Not recommended for pregnant women.



Lash tint

Natural lashes are tinted using a vegetable-based dye to make them darker and more defined. Color choices include black, blue black, black and light brown. Results typically last 4-6 weeks. Not recommended for those prone to allergies or sensitive to color additives and hair dye. Active ingredients include Peanut Oil, Lanolin and Sunflower Oil.


Lash Extension Removal

Removal can take 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the adhesive. If you are a new client and need lash-extension repair, we will assess the condition of your eyelashes and may need to remove some or all of them in order to proceed.


Add on services

bottom lash extensions

Subtle lash extensions on the lower lash line add extra glamour.


Brow tint

Add fullness and dimension to light or sparse brows with a custom-blended tint.


Extension Upgrades

Siberian Mink

These light, natural-looking eyelashes are cruelty-free and add slightly more volume than human hair extensions.

full set: $40
fill: $20

Human Hair

These extensions feel and look most like natural eyelashes, increasing length and adding subtle volume.

full set: $50
fill: $25