Meet the specialists


LAB Expertise:

Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Microneedling, and Classic Lash Extensions. Cheri also available to do microblading, currently offered at our new location in downtown Camas. (coming soon to Portland)

LAB Experience:

Cheri’s diverse background includes multiple certifications, extensive training, and work with well-known celebrities such as Molly Sims, Danielle Jonas, Katherine Mcphee, Lorraine Bracco, Téa Leoni, Megan Hilty, Tina Sloan, and Hilary Shor. Cheri received her certificate in Esthetics from The International School of Beauty. She became an advanced certified technician through Xtreme Lashes and then went on to become an Xtreme Lashes  trainer, traveling the US to train licensed professionals in the industry.

Cheri founded Lash Boutique Portland in 2005, sold her business and moved on to start Lash Boutique in New York City in 2006. Between the years of 2006 and 2015 Cheri continued her ownership of Lash Boutique NYC, while furthering her experience in the industry by traveling abroad, bringing her art to Paris, France from 2008 to 2012. Cheri’s custom eyelash services from Lash Boutique in NYC were offered in celebrity gift bags at the Emmy Awards, The Golden Globes Awards, and The Cannes Film Festival. After nine successful years, Cheri sold Lash Boutique NYC and returned to the Northwest, the home of her original Lash Boutique.

Cheri is Volume Certified with Xtreme Lashes, and 3rd-level Master Peel technician with PCA.  Her passions aid her in running the Beauty Lab with high standards that her clients have come to expect and on which she has built her reputation.


LAB Expertise:

Classic Lash Extensions, Chemical Peels

LAB Experience:

Lace is a licensed esthetician, lash technician, and certified makeup artist. She has been making waves in the beauty industry since she was 17, when she got her start working for a cosmetic company in Manhattan, NY. She went on to work at MAC, in both New York and Portland, where she acquired multiple advanced certifications as a makeup artist and became certified as a lash stylist through Extreme Lash. Lace is trained in multiple areas of treatments for the skin, and is a a Peel technician with PCA. 



Classic Lash Extensions, and Lash Lifts

Lab experience:

Brianna is a licensed esthetician who studied at the local Aveda Institute where she found her love for skincare. After gaining knowledge in skin and beauty, Brianna found herself interested in the world of lash extensions. She’s no stranger to the beauty industry and was trained by the master, Cheri the owner of Lash and Beauty Lab. Here she has found her passion and is excited to help each of her clients create the lashes of their dreams. 

Lab Expertise:  

Lash Lifts,  Classic and Volume Lash Extensions

Lab Experience:

 Shelly's experience in the beauty industry began 8 years ago, first as a make-up artist with MAC in Hawaii and then as a freelance artist. She became "lash obsessed" after getting her first set of lash extensions. This motivated her to pursue a career in esthetics at The Salon Professional Academy Portland where her talent grew.  Shelly received her lash extensions training with Xtreme Lashes and is a MUD certified make-up artist. Currently she is pursuing additional certifications in the industry!